We are expert mobile Dreadlocticians, Est. 2007.

We recognise that our clients are looking for perfectly formed, high quality and outstanding value dreadlocks. That is what we go all out for every time. 

We pride ourselves on our recognisable and elegant portfolio, our professional and friendly service and a value for money which has our clients coming back time and time again.


If you're dreaming of Dreadlocks or need help keeping your existing Locs looking their best, reach out to us! Contact us for your free consultation. Our experienced Loctitians are more than happy to guide you through your transition to dreadlock gorgeousness.


If you’re looking for a full head of Dreads with extensions or need some established Dread TLC one of our team will be more than happy to come and visit you at your home, OR If you prefer to spend the day somewhere new you can visit one of our Technicians home studios.