We will need you to send us a photo of your current hair and obviously, what you want to achieve. Once we have established the how much time we will need for you desired style as well as the materials that will be needed, we will be able to give you a quote. A 50% deposit will be needed to secure an appointment slot and to begin custom creating your extensions. 

We don't like to push our Stylists to the breaking point, so we stop them at a half head and send them back the following day. Don't worry though, we are very clever with how we install them, You'll be looking Fabulous with a Half head between your appointments.

A full head of locks (around 60+) takes 2 whole days to install. If you are travelling to visit us, we are happy to provide some recommendations for accommodation near by. 

Ginger woman with dreadlocks. Interesting hairstyle.jpg


Send us a picture of your dreads and we will book you in when we have a space for you.

We will try to let you know how long it will take, but it depends on how much there is to do. We charge by the hour, and prices vary from stylist to stylist.