Loctician Talk Featuring Dread Pixie!

Last week I spent some time with the gorgeous inspirational @Dread_Pixie AKA Marci Dagaz. We chit chatted about what its like to be a Loctician in todays competitive world and shared our opinions and tips. Marci is big in her social media game so it was really interesting to hear about the journey she has been on over the years and the hurdles that she has faced. If you're interested in pursuing a career in Dreadlock styling this is worth a watch to get an insight into the industry and some real talk, honest advice about how to stand out.

This was actually the first time Marci and I had officially met in (digital) person and one thing we learned is that we chat talk for hours, so its highly likely we will do something similar of this nature again as we felt like there was so much more we could have covered! If you enjoy this and get something out of it, feel free to get in touch with questions or suggestions for things we could discuss next time. Share it and subscribe to the Elemental Locks youtube channel for more Dreadlock tips and Loctician talk. I'm sharing with you the trailer as well as the full video because the trailer is badass!

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