New Aloe Dreadlock ShampooLock

Lock hair care doesn't have to be basic.

For years my friends and clients have been complaining that dreadlock shampoo wasn't giving them anything to get excited about. Scentless and boring, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The bottles are bland and many just exacerbate problems they may have had, like a flakey scalp or residue build up. I am now very proud to release the new and improved Elemental Aloe Dreadlock shampoo range in both Aloe and Ginger! If you tried the old original Elemental Aloe dreadlock shampoo and loved it, these new additions follow the same amazing, clarifying formula, but with a twist. You now have a choice between the new Aloe, which contains organic geranium and sweet orange, or the new Ginger which contains ginger, cedar-wood and lemon. The added aromatherapeutic properties will make washing your locks less of a chore and more of a sensual experience. This plant based, gentle yet high performance cleanser will help to break down build up and eradicate flakes. We are looking at ways to make the bottles refillable in the very near future so that we can do our part to save the planet and reduce plastic waste. Watch this space.

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