The Elemental Locks training platform is about providing you with outstanding training and consultancy tailored to you and your requirements. We have an ever growing selection of courses ranging from absolute beginner to Dredi master. At Elemental we set the bar high when it comes to quality, health and safety, aesthetics, and methodology, and the learning never stops.



Dreads can represent so much more than a hairstyle to people that wear them. Whether you're a proud wearer of locks or you're considering a career as a qualified stylist, you are probably already aware they can symbolise a lifestyle that is different for everyone. This is something we hold at the heart of our training programmes because there is so much more to locks than knots.

Learning new skills can be daunting especially when you plan to turn those skills into a career. At Elemental we are passionate believers that ongoing mentorship and group coaching is not just important but essential in keeping energy and motivation on a high. By cultivating an active online community for our students and members, we aim to translate into action, that accomplished feeling you get when you have completed a days training session.


Whether you choose our Professional Dreadlock technician training programmes or are looking to learn how to maintain your own locks on a DIY basis you will receive a tailor made experience based on your ability and what you want to learn. There are 4 levels of training available to help you learn what is most relevant to you.

Our students are held accountable and encouraged, long after the time in the classroom is over, to take the next steps towards their goals. The foundations of all of our courses revolve around:

 Ongoing support and aftercare

Technique learning resources

High quality products